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    Z&J paddles offer four series of Carbon Kayak Paddle available with oval shaft and round shaft, which have different flexibility characteristics. The most flexible shaft is preferred for surf competitions or anyplace where the shaft may experience impact, the shaft with medium flexibility is the most popular, the stiff shaft is preferred for sprint racing. 
    The Large Wing Blade is for paddlers who want maximum power per stroke. It's the best choice for men's sprint racing events. The large wing may also be used by the strong paddlers for ICF marathon pack style racing - while not as easy to pull over the entire distance, the increased surface are can provide extra power for the finishing sprint. 
    The Medium Wing Blade is a good all around medium size wing blade for ICF marathon and distance surf ski racing and fitness paddling. It's the perfect sprint paddle for women and junior competitors. The Medium Wing Blade is well suited to high performance touring with powerful strokes. 
    The Small Wing Blade helps paddlers maintain a steady stroke rate over long distances. 


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